Learn To Sing!

Starting in the New Year 2019, the Tidesmen will offer a five-week course in singing a cappella (without musical accompaniment). The course will be free-of-charge and open to both men and women. No prior singing or musical experience is required.

Many people have the secret desire to sing, or to improve their singing, and a core component of Tidesmen culture is encouraging everyone to sing to the best of their ability. The Tidesmen is Vancouver Island's premier a cappella chorus.

The course will comprise five one-hour sessions over five weeks, each covering a different topic related to the voice and singing technique.
The “Learn to Sing A Cappella” program has already been effectively delivered in a supportive and relaxed environment to thousands of participants across North America.  Experience shows that, just by applying some basic and easy-to-learn techniques related to Posture, Breath Control, Warmup and Dynamics, vocal production can be improved enormously.

The Program will be held Monday nights, beginning on a date soon to be confirmed, at Costin Hall in Lantzville. For more information and to register please contact Mike Patterson at: 

or call (250) 585 3700.