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  • Regarding Port Theatre Show, 2008
  • Congratulations to you and your entire group on a wonderfully successful performance last night! You must be pleased! Please convey my applause to the rest of your group. Bravo!! Well done!! Way to go!!! Linda
    - Linda Dier, Island Bel Canto Singers

    Hi Mac

    I just wanted to send my congratulations in writing to you and all the Tidesmen for your wonderful performance last night. Anne and I enjoyed every minute of the show. it really was a tour-de-force. What prescience in your choice of theme and what a clever idea which worked brilliantly.The entire show was moving, funny , thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining. So much variety but so well integrated- I loved all the puns and jokes but of course the music making was the most satisfying. All the quartets were so good- my admiration for you guys' musicianship keeps growing every time I hear those intricate harmonies and modulations but all done with so much style and seemingly effortlessly. Realtime was/is unreal- I am in total awe.

    Anyway please convey my congratulations to all the guys- I did see some of you last night. I hope you all had a great afterglow party - I'm sure you did.! As I was saying to one of the guys last night I am sorely tempted to quit my Monday choir to join the Tidesmen - no one seems to have a s much fun singing as you do!

    All the best.
    Cheers. Lionel
    - Lionel Tanod: Director, Island Bel Canto Singers


  • Regarding Tidesmen Chorus in General
  • What a great group of men - I love their sound - and even more the mutual support they give each other, and the work they do for Charity!

    Thank you!
    - Judith Gibson


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