Audition Process

What is involved in the vocal audition process?

The vocal audition for the Tidesmen Chorus is fairly straightforward.

Once you have visited us at three rehearsals, preferably consecutively, your buddy from the membership team will take you to one of the music team members to set up a vocal audition. Ideally, the audition will begin the following week. Your buddy will also be invited to accompany you to the audition so that you feel comfortable!

The Tidesmen vocal audition consists of three parts. The first part looks at:
·         Range: How high and how low can you sing? We want to make sure that you are comfortable in the part that you have been singing. The last thing the Tidesmen want is for you to hurt your voice.
·         Matching pitch: Various pitches will be sung, or played on the piano. You will be asked to repeat these series of pitches, beginning with a single pitch, then two, and, finally, three pitches in a number of combinations. The Tidesmen want to make sure you can match and remember pitches quickly and accurately.
·         Timbre of voice: The music team members will be listening to your voice tone, strength, resonance and articulation. This will be a mini-vocal lesson. Suggestions may be made for exercises for you to practice.
          Part one will take about 10 minutes. 

Upon successful completion of the first part of the audition, you will be asked  to take the second part, which will be done in the next three weeks at your convenience. Your buddy will assist you in your preparation for the second part of the audition.

The second part of the audition is to determine how well you are able to "hold your part" in a quartet:
·         Learn and sing your part to a song in a quartet. We recommend you choose one of the “Polecat” songs, which are relatively uncomplicated. Learning tracks are available on the Tidesmen website. This song will be sung, without sheet music, off to the side or in a corner, with either the section leaders or members of the music team singing the other three parts. Your buddy will be there for support.
          Part two will take about five minutes. 

The third part of the audition is the same as the second, but using a more advanced, current repertoire song. We are interested to see how you can bring the song to life with expression and musicality. 

With the successful completion of this audition, the music team will recommend to the membership team that you are now eligible to become a member of The Tidesmen Chorus.