Alex McDonald - Director

For 6 years Alex has been leading the Tidesmen in crafting their art. His mission lies in making advances in skills, experience, and camaraderie. When he began singing with the Tidesmen at the tender age of 11, intense passion for the art form began immediately. He fondly remembers the overwhelming experience of the first few minutes singing on the risers, and the delight of sight reading a song with 3 others that first evening. Since then he has grown, and so has his household. His wife Chelsea is ever supportive and involved, and his children are ardent fans. There has been a year of quiet reflection during the world's health crisis, but with the light at the end of the tunnel becoming brighter, he looks forward to returning to his craft with gusto.

Martin Ketteringham - Assistant Director

Martin grew up with music, starting to play his first instrument when he was 3 years old in The Salvation Army. He was first introduced to Barbershop while attending a youth convention which was being held at the same time and place as a barbershop convention, listening to quartets sing in lineup for lunch. Martin joined the Tidesmen in 1996 after being invited by a member and fell in love with the harmonies and fun. Having moved back to Nanaimo in retirement in 2019, Martin once again became a member and enjoys singing with his fellow barbershoppers. Having taught choirs and other barbershop choruses in other places, Martin relishes the opportunity to become assistant director of the Tidesmen. Even though 2020 was an unusual year for singing, he looks forward to being part of a growing, vibrant musical group long into the future.
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