The best way to join the Tidesmen is to go to one of our regular Monday night practices (click on the link you just read to find out where we meet).

Of course, you have to want to sing, and have some musical ability - but not much!  You do NOT have to read music, or have any prior singing experience,  If you like to sing in the shower, or find yourself whistling or singing as you work around the house or office, then you might want to try singing with the Tidesmen.

If you do come to a practice, and decide you would like to try singing, then we will assign a buddy from the chorus to help you find your way around, and understand what we do and how we do it.  And if after a few visits – or even after one! – you decide you would like to join, then we will give you a two-stage audition (see next drop-down, Audition Process) to find out how well you sing, and which part would best suit your voice.  We will give you music and learning tools (we have recordings of the parts to our repertoire that you can listen to on a CD or an MP3 player; all our members use them to learn their parts).

Once you have passed the vocal audition process, there are of course some fees. Our own annual fee is a modest $45. We also pay dues to the organization of which the Tidesmen Chorus is a member, the International Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), and its regional Evergreen District; both these give us enormous help and resources in our craft. The total annual fees per member to these two organizations are currently US$151 (half that for students).

When you get to the point of being able to sing on stage with us at our regular shows, performances and competitions, there will also be a modest fee for our performance costume. And we have special rates for students!

Barbershopping is a great hobby, and the 25,000 or so singers around the world who belong to the BHS are a great and supportive resource. The most frequent comment we hear from men who join us is: "I wish I had started years ago!"

It's great to be a barbershopper!
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