Quartets from the Tidesmen A Cappella Chorus will be spreading the love on Valentine’s Day again this year in central Vancouver Island. 
They will be delivering Singing Valentines across the Nanaimo/Oceanside area.

All revenue raised by this community service project will be donated to Nanaimo Child Development Centre to support services for children with special needs.  Complete details can be found at www.tidesmen.com or on our Valentine hotline at 250 758-0403. 

Here quartet Charisma By-Pass delivers a Singing Valentine to a delighted Chantel Cody in 2019.

Neither Wind Nor Rain Nor Sleet Will Stop Our Quartets….

...who sing two love songs to the lucky recipient(s), present him or her or them each with a red rose and a customized greeting card. And a digital photo is sent by email to the person making the reservation.

Our quartets perform regardless of adverse weather conditions.
Here an intrepid quartet, Vintage Style, makes its rounds during a 2019 snowstorm.

Eighteen Years Of Love Expressed In Singing Valentines

Scott Ritzand has been celebrating his love for wife Mariam and family with Singing Valentines each year for the past 18 years.  Each February Scott arranges for a quartet from the Tidesmen A Cappella Chorus to sing love songs and prresent Mariam and their children with a red rose.  Here are Scott and Mariam along with children Grayson and Amya in February 2019.  The family enjoyed a Valentine dinner at Nanaimo’s Modern CafĂ© and paused between courses to be serenaded by Tidesmen quartet Vintage Style. Scott is planning a 19th Singing Valentine for this year!

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